Who are we?

Start-up WORLD, is an international company specialized in the identification, sorting and selection of innovative solutions available worldwide to meet specific needs.

Its mission is to support start-ups in the development of their partnerships with other companies by promoting their innovations.

Bringing together thousands of start-ups around the world, the Start-up WORLD Ecosystem also counts more than 80 Embassies spread out around the globe in order to source ever further the nuggets that will constitute, tomorrow, the must-haves of the world. innovation.

Start-up WORLD’s ambition is to become the leading provider of on-the-shelf innovation in the world.

With this in mind, we select the best profiles of innovative start-ups in the world from our consolidated database by our international constellation of ambassadors.

Start-up WORLD is a multicultural company composed of employees from diverse origins around the world.

Each ambassador brings his geopolitical knowledge as well as his expertise in terms of innovation and start-ups.