What we do?

We operate in 80 countries to provide a field presence with deep local knowledge to our customers in terms of innovation and current market trends across cultures.

We operate in an integrated way which allows us to exchange between multidisciplinary team from one country to another and to optimize the sharing of experience.

We have many partners related to entrepreneurship and the world of start-ups, allowing us to reinforce our expertise in valuing the innovations listed in our database.

We are also capitalizing on feedback from past and present corporate start-up relationships in order to optimize future collaborations.

Our ability to sort, analyse and evaluate existing solutions around the world allows us to respond quickly to customer requests.

Our internal processes of continuous improvement, our great ability to listen and the strong involvement of our entire team allows us to offer the best turnkey solutions of the moment.

The user experience and customer satisfaction are our first motivation to constantly look for the best solutions to the problems, challenges and desires of our customers.