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Start up WORLD   1st Anniversary




It is now a year since I have created Start-up WORLD. I do not know if it is the case for most start-ups, but I have begun reflecting on all of what has been happening throughout the time. Like how I felt when we got our first customer; when we got our first ambassador; the day, after successfully finding partners in many other countries, we finally started to source our first start-up partner from Israel; the day I did my first lecture about what is the concept of Start-up WORLD, which brings me to explain for the first time in details, why we created Start-up WORLD.



My name is Geneviève CLARKSON, I am an aeronautical engineer fond of new technologies. As far as I look, I remember that technologies have always fascinated me. I used to break most of my toys in order to see how they were made – a trait that no doubt endeared me very much to my parents. I got at a very early age, a very deep interest of the space industry and aeronautic technologies, to understand how such miracles could happen. I am also a girl of mixed-heritage and most of my childhood friends came from diverse backgrounds like me. My first childhood friend was half French and half Brazilian, quickly followed by one who was half French and British, then French-Italian and so on… Since a young age, I used to travel abroad, sometimes to the other side of the world, and I have always been fascinated by other cultures, other ways to see the world, and alternative perspectives to ours.




As long as I can remember; I have always sought solutions, and over time, have developed a natural affinity for problem solving. When I see someone in difficulty, if I know someone who can help, I will naturally match them together in order to solve the problem. When I started my engineering school, one teacher said to me something that has stuck with me always, and it shaped my career path and personal philosophy. He said that engineers are different from researchers because they have to find a solution, no matter what. So, that what I have been doing all this time, every day since then, constantly.




As I mentioned earlier, it is almost a year that Start-up WORLD has been in existence, and I realise that:


“who I am – my spirit – has become a concept.”  

 A concept that works very well because everyone, everywhere, encounters problems, so everyone is looking for solutions. It is not just the story of civilisation, it is the essence of humanity.



First solution providers around the world, are increasingly falling into the environs of start-ups, as start-up concepts emerge from proposing a solution to a directly observed problem, in order to make the life of others easier, funnier, richer or more interesting. Once I started diving into the universe of start-ups, I couldn’t get out of it – not that I wanted to – and it became more and more a major part of my life. For me, each new innovation is a step towards for a better future. One where chores will disappear and where humans will become free from their own conditions.


As I said earlier, I travel a lot, and I am always surprised to see that problems which have multiple solutions in one country, remain problems in another country. Our world is full of innovation provided by start-ups, full of solutions on shelves that can help others, and can be tailored and optimised to do so.




So, I decided to source those solutions on a much grander scale, in order to help more and more people by providing just the right solution to their problems, needs or desires. We now have a young, dynamic team, actively engaged in pushing boundaries further to develop the means to leverage even more, our services revolving around the solutions provided by start-ups. I am fully dedicated to it, from the morning when I wake up to the evening when I fall asleep. My brain keeps matching problems with solutions, all the time. But because I am just a human being, we have created a huge database, which stores, analyses and groups thousands and thousands of start-ups. This is increasingly underpinned by kinds of deep learning technologies, which increase the speed and the rate of matching, in order to be able to provide bespoke solutions for the world through known innovations that have already achieved commercialisation. The technology is rapidly expanding and maturing, and with all the highly varied requests that we received by all kind of clients (ONG, large company, SMEs, artist and even particulars), we are becoming more and more efficient in our ability to provide the perfect matching solution.


And that is the reason why Start-up WORLD was created.




Geneviève CLARKSON Founder of Start-up WORLD contact@start-upworld.com


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